Jackson Spinal Table Top – $74,000 Refurbished

Ganim Medical is pleased to offer the Jackson Spinal Table Top (refurbished) on e-bay at the incredible opening bid of $74,000 – a considerable savings over the cost if purchased new!

Click here to bid on this item.

Advanced technology

The Jackson Spinal Table Top provides the most advanced technology today for spinal surgery positioning.

laminectomnies, decompressions, osteotomies, anterior/posterior fusions, surgical correction of deformities, anterior/posterior cervicals, kyphoplasties, idet surgeries, unparalleled C-Arm access

Optimal positioning

• Five customized support cushions enhance patient positioning
• Support cushions are mounted on radiolucent, carbon composite frame
• ShearGuardTM hip & thigh gel pads add comfort and support

360 ̊ rotation

• Facilitates safe and efficient rotation of patient
• Rapid horizontal axis rotation in prone or supine positions
• Allows unique, mutiplanar, intraoperative images of spine and pelvis

Complete radiolucency

• Entirely radiolucent frame and support pads
• Unrestricted C-Arm integration
• Allows anterior, posterior, lateral & oblique views intraoperatively
• Permits other fluoroscopic procedures

Minimized blood loss

• Reduces vena caval compression
• Minimizes epidural venus bleeding
• Dramatically improves visualization

If you would like more information on this device, please contact Ganim Medical at 800-522-5909.

Don’t forget to click here to bid on this item.


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